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Google Easter Eggs

  Dino Runner (Main article: Dino Runner ) You see that dino on the offline screen? Well, you can play it by hitting space.  Atari Breakout Tutorial: Zerg Rush Do the same, but instead, search for Zerg Rush.  How to play: The Google O's will eat up your results if you don't click them. Google Snake Search for Google Snake then click play, then click it again. Use arrow keys to move. Avoid the edges.  Google Pacman Search for Pacman instead. Then click I'm Feeling Lucky.  Google in 1998 Search for google in 1998  for the results page, and go to for the home page.  Google Logo History Search for google logo history and you will see the history of the logos.  Text Adventure Minesweeper Here is a helpful tutorial: Click anywhere to begin. The numbers mean how many mines are around them.  Click control+click to flag any tile you know is a mine. If you click on a mine, you lose. I don't know when you win, so just play.  Please comment the other easter eggs.

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